Alpha wallet cards

Similar to business cards, these appealing double-sided mini-cards have a choice of 3 colours, 9 eye-catching messages, and are personalisable - with venue, address, date and time, and your church’s website address.

Alpha Invite Wallet Cards Navy - Wallet Card V1

Alpha Invite Wallet Cards Navy

9 variants

Alpha Invite Wallet Cards Red - Wallet Card V1

Alpha Invite Wallet Cards Red

9 variants

Alpha Invite Wallet Cards White - Wallet Card V1

Alpha Invite Wallet Cards White

9 variants

Other promotional resources

Alpha Invitations

These attractive A6 double-sided cards feature an inviting photograph giving a flavour of what an Alpha Course is like. The text indicates what the course offers - food, conversation and a talk - and a friendly assurance that there will be no intrusive follow-ups. Order as many as you wish, and personalise these with the location, address, date and time of your course, and the URL of your church. Hand these to any potential guests, and urge them to ask their friends too.


Alpha Posters

From an A4 portrait shape to an A0 landscape, you will be spoilt for choice. It’s easy to choose which size will be right for you as you can see a photo of each size of the posters held up by a person. These can be displayed on walls, windows or doors. And again, all can be personalised.


Alpha Banners

The 2-metre tall stand-alone banner is useful for displaying in church receptions or events. The outdoor banner comes in two sizes - either 8ft or 15ft wide; this can be attached to railings or fences. Both banner styles have the heading ‘Alpha runs here’, which is an eye-catching alert to raise awareness of your course.


Books and booklets

Click the button for a list of suggested books and booklets you might like to start off with - both for you as a course leader and for your team members, and also for your course participants.

See suggested books and booklets

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