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Promote your course, get the whole church involved and reach new guests with our latest invitational resources.

This year we’ve tested design, language and behaviours towards Alpha to ensure the resources we provide you with are the best at engaging with potential guests. This new Invitation focuses around the theme of curiosity. Encouraging people to keep trying new things, to have adventures, make memories and meet interesting new people. Find out more

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From £25.80

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From £45.00

Download the artwork

You can also download the artwork for these invitations on the My Alpha website.  First register your Alpha course; you don't have to make it public straight away, and if you don't know your start date yet don't worry, you can always edit it another time.  Once created, click on the 'Promote' tab then 'NEW RESOURCES' where you can download the files.  If you need help finding or downloading the artwork please email [email protected]