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Faith In A Changing World - English Paperback

Faith In A Changing World

English Paperback

ISBN: 9781907950353


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Does the Christian message have anything to say to a society marked by religious pluralism, ethnic diversity and cultural relativism? Is it possible even to talk about truth in such a society? Is Christianity a valid option for the 21st Century?

With a new introduction by leading Newbigin scholar, Paul Weston, this book brings together two of Newbigin's classic works: Discovering Truth in a Changing World and Living Hope in a Changing World. Together, they present the Christian story as a lens through which to view and understand God and the world, demonstrating that Christianity is a viable way to live one's life today, and that Christians need not retreat to a private world where faith is presumed to be 'mere opinion'.

With his unerring focus on placing the Christian faith squarely at the centre of public life and contemporary debate, Newbigin opens up the great themes of philosophy and scientific thought and critiques them in the light of Scripture to present the gospel as a public truth by which our society can find coherence and direction.

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