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The Bible in One Year Commentary - Audio CD

The Bible in One Year Commentary

Audio CD

ISBN: 9781473687264


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'My favourite way to start the day.' Bear Grylls

Nicky Gumbel, pioneer of Alpha and vicar of HTB in London, aids readers following the Bible In One Year programme to understand the Scriptures better through his reflections that are packed with insight, wisdom and application.

Drawing out a theme for each day from the designated Bible readings, this insightful audio commentary draws out applicable truths from each day’s Proverbs, Psalms and New and Old Testament.

This set of six CDs comes in a beautifully designed box which opens to reveal each CD in an individual sleeve. It does not contain the Bible passages being read aloud; these can be found in audio format within the Bible In One Year app or within the NIV Audio Bible in One Year CDs read by David Suchet.

The Bible in One Year is a popular and effective daily Bible reading programme which makes reading through the whole Bible easier than ever. It takes readers through the entirety of Scripture in one year. The psalms and proverbs begin each day; their concise and poetic nature makes them a good starting point for reflection. Then the vivid stories and inspiring teaching of the New Testament set the scene for understanding the Old Testament, placing both in the context of God's overarching plan for his people. You can begin reading the programme at any time of year.

Product details:

  • Author: Nicky Gumbel
  • Format: 6x MP3 CDs
  • Playing time: 61 hours, 38 minutes
  • Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
  • Published: November 2020
  • Weight: 172g
  • Thickness: 21 mm
  • Height: 131 mm
  • Width: 130 mm
  • ISBN: 9781473687264

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