Growing Alpha in your Catholic Parish

How to get more from Alpha in a Catholic context

One of the great things about Alpha is that it is designed to be moulded to fit the style, personality, and demographic of a community. This means it can be built and grown with creativity.

This short 8-page A5 booklet will help you to think about how you might develop your future Alphas.

It’s written specifically for Catholic parishes, diocese, chaplaincies, and other Catholic ministries in mind by the Alpha UK team.

Contents includes:

  • Growing your invitation
  • Trying different models
  • Considering the challenges and exploring creative solutions
  • Contact details for the Alpha UK Catholic Context team

You can learn more about Alpha in a Catholic context at

This booklet is not included within the Invitation Pack for Catholic Parishes.

Product details:

  • English Paperback
  • Publisher: Alpha UK
  • Published: January 2022
  • Number of Pages: 8
  • Size: A5 booklet
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