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The Prodigal Spirit

By Graham Tomlin

The Trinity, the Church and the Future of the World

‘Come Holy Spirit’: What do we hope for when we pray this most ancient of prayers? In a world of conflict, fragmentation and crisis, what expectations does this prayer carry?

In this insightful book, Graham Tomlin suggests that the activity of the Holy Spirit is the key to a transforming knowledge of God, a radically engaged church and the hope for the future of a fragile and anxious world.

“Masterfully portraying the role and activity of the Spirit in contemporary society, The Prodigal Spirit is a fresh and profound new theological perspective that offers hopeful insights to the church as it strives to be relevant in an increasingly complex world.”

Robert (Bob) Lupton, Founder FCS Urban Ministries, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

A robust theology of the Holy Spirit can help build strong local churches and transform local communities. Drawing on ancient and contemporary church movement, including Holy Trinity Brompton and Alpha, this book suggests an understanding of the Spirit as the one who draws humankind and the whole of creation into the love that exists between the Father and the Son. From that starting point, it works out the implications of this for the Christian experience, the church's evangelism, its communal life and its transformational role in local communities.

Chapters include:

  • The Holy Spirit and Identity
  • The Holy Spirit and Calling
  • The Holy Spirit and Experience
  • The Holy Spirit and Character
  • The Holy Spirit and Evangelism
  • The Holy Spirit and the World
  • The Holy Spirit and the Church

The Revd Graham Tomlin is Bishop of Kensington, London. At the time of writing he was Dean of St Mellitus College and Principal of St Paul’s Theological Centre, based in Holy Trinity Brompton in London.  He is the author of numerous articles and books.

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  • Published: 2011
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About the author

Graham Tomlin is Bishop of Kensington, London. In 2005 he helped launch St Paul’s Theological Centre, which in 2007 became part of the new St Mellitus College, a partnership between the dioceses of London and Chelmsford and Holy Trinity Brompton. He was the College’s first Principal and has overseen the significant growth of the College.  He is the author of numerous articles and books. Read more