Lifetrack 1 DVD

dvd · 9781909309012

LifeTrack is part of the School of Theology – a programme developed by St Paul’s Theological Centre at HTB in London. It is offered to churches who wish to run their own basic theology courses.

This DVD set comprises a series of talks given by a number of popular theologians on topics such as, ‘Theology and Living Wisely', ‘Is Religion Bad for You?’ and ‘God in a World of Pain’.

It is ideal for churches to run as a course for people wanting to explore their faith more deeply or for those who have just completed Alpha. LifeTrack can be used to follow on from the BibleTrack or FaithTrack DVDs.

The three tracks are:

FaithTrack – introducing systematic theology

BibleTrack – introducing the Bible

LifeTrack  - introducing ethics, apologetics and mission

There are two LifeTrack box sets available, with each set offering ten talks, covering five topics. LifeTrack 1 includes sessions taught by Professor David Ford, Dr Graham Tomlin, Dr Michael Lloyd and Paul Woolley. Accompanying small group questions and handouts are also available to download.