The Jesus Lifestyle Series 2 DVD (free download)

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*Please note that this product has been discontinued and the contents have been made available for a free download below. 

Formerly Challenging Lifestyle, The Jesus Lifestyle DVD contains six talks given by Nicky Gumbel at Holy Trinity Brompton based on Jesus' radical teaching in the Sermon on the Mount, suggesting ways in which we can apply this teaching to our own lives.

This resource covers such topics as, 'How to Live and Act with Integrity' and 'How to Respond to Difficult People'. It also looks at handling conflict, generous giving, and money. 

The Jesus Lifestyle Series 2 Manual runs parallel to the DVD and contains interesting discussion questions and room for notes.


Session 1 | How to live and act with integrity 

Session 2 | How to respond to difficult people

Session 3 | How to handle conflict

Session 4 | How to become a generous giver

Session 5 | How to pray (and fast) like Jesus

Session 6 | How to handle ambition