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How to Follow Jesus

By Craig Springer

A Practical Guide for Growing Your Faith

Millions of people want to follow Jesus, but don't know how. Upon becoming Christians, new believers often end up paralyzed. They become overwhelmed trying to master complicated doctrines, frustrated by a large list of rules for policing their lives, and bewildered by a new (and strange) vocabulary. Even worse, there are few books offering simple and clear advice to guide a Christian's first spiritual steps that are written in common, contemporary language. Until now.

In How to Follow Jesus, Craig Springer, executive director of Alpha USA, one of America's most effective evangelism movements, explodes numerous myths surrounding the Christian faith that create unnecessary obstacles to growth, including: illustrating that sin and temptation are not the greatest threat to a flourishing faith, forgiveness means going through rather than around our feelings, and how disappointment in the church may be the essential step in growing a foundation for life-changing community.

Sharing personal stories from his own journey to a mature faith, Springer sets readers at ease and offers them practical, easy-to-implement advice for following Jesus.

Destined to become a timeless classic, How to Follow Jesus is a must read for new and returning Christians.

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About the author

Craig Springer was Executive Director of Alpha USA (2016-2022) and has been a leader and pastor in influential churches in Chicago and Denver, one of which was named Outreach Magazine’s 2014 Fastest Growing Church in America. Craig is passionate about every mountain sport you can name and lives in the Denver area with his wife, Sarah, and their two children. An interview with Craig Springer