Our commitment to the environment and sustainability


Our on-demand model reduces unnecessary excess

The Alpha Shop is managed with an on-demand model to ensure printed materials are only produced when they are needed and stock levels are kept to a minimum. Many products such as invitations, posters, and banners are made to order. Any natural wastage from trimming printed materials is recycled.


Paper from sustainable sources

Many of our booklets such as the Alpha Guide and Why Jesus? are printed on FSC certified materials, as are the postcards and invitations. A number of our booklets such as our latest Guest Journals are printed on Carbon Balanced Paper certified by the World Land Trust.


Printing standards and certification

Our primary printing company, Windsor, are ISO 14001 certified which means their litho and digital printing, finishing and supporting services all conform to the Environmental Management System standard. They are working to reduce carbon emissions wherever possible and monitor their energy usage and record it as part their commitment to the ISO standard. You can read more about how Windsor are looking after the environment including information about saving energy, preventing pollution, and using chemicals safely, and you can read their environmental policy.

Many of our books are printed by Hodder & Stoughton – part of Hachette UK – who are one of the largest and most diverse publishing groups in the UK. You can read their environmental policy and social responsibility policies here as well as finding out more about how they purchase paper from sustainable sources, are FSC and PEFC certified, and recycle as much paper and packaging as possible.


Other products

Our latest Alpha Film Series DVDs and USBs come in plastic-free packaging. However, a small number of our products such as some DVDs come wrapped in plastic, and in these cases we are utilising existing stock. All new print runs and products have zero plastic wrapping or use minimal plastic where it is unavoidable.

Our Run Alpha Kits use environmentally friendly biodegradable loose fill made from starch – they are fully compostable. Our Alpha t-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton and our classic hoodies and sweatshirts from 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester. Our water bottles come in a compostable biodegradable corn starch bag/liner and FSC certified recyclable cardboard box.