Alpha Prayer Guide

By Pete Greig

Behind the success of Alpha is prayer. More and more Alpha churches around the world are adopting creative methods for corporate prayer to underpin church life.

In this simple A5 booklet, Pete Greig describes practical models of corporate prayer, alongside inspiring testimonies from Alpha Offices and 24-7 Prayer networks around the world and provides helpful guidelines for becoming an effective praying community:

  • How to hear God in prayer
  • How to run really great prayer meetings
  • How to mobilise prayer for Alpha courses
  • How to establish a 24-7 Prayer Room in your church

Chapters include:

  • A vision for prayer
  • Stories of answered prayer from across the world
  • Models of corporate prayer
    • How to run really great prayer meetings
    • Social justice prayer briefings
    • Prayer networks
    • 24-7 prayer rooms
    • Prayer concerts
    • Years of prayer
    • The Lord’s Prayer at noon
    • Prayer ministry
    • Prayer walking
    • Prophecy / listening prayer
    • Creativity – non verbal prayer
  • Prayer and the Alpha Course
    • Prayer for the Alpha invitation
    • Prayer for Alpha guests
    • Prayer with Alpha guests
    • Prayer for Alpha mission trips
  • Recommended prayer resources

Product details:

  • Author: Pete Greig
  • English Paperback
  • Publisher: Alpha International
  • Published: 2012
  • Weight: 111g
  • Number of Pages: 64
  • Thickness: 5 mm
  • Height: 210 mm
  • Width: 149 mm
  • ISBN: 9781907950711
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About the author

Pete Greig is a best-selling author, pastor and founder of the 24-7 Prayer movement which has reached more than half the nations on earth. He is also the Senior Pastor of Emmaus Rd, Guildford, England, an Ambassador for Tearfund, and teaches at St Mellitus Theological College in London. For 7 years Pete served with the senior leadership team at HTB and Alpha International. Pete’s publications include ‘Red Moon Rising‘, ‘God on Mute‘, ‘The Prayer Course’, and ‘Dirty Glory’. Read more