Alpha in 2022

This highly recommended magazine brings fascinating new insights into people’s perception of the Church, as well as tips on equipping and encouraging your congregation.

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We hope this research booklet is helpful in two ways:

Firstly, some of these insights should help us to better understand those we are trying to reach; how to speak to them, how to invite them to church, Alpha and other services and events.

Secondly, the research gives us a picture of the state of evangelism in the UK, how people inside the Church feel about speaking about their faith. We know that most people who come to faith do so through a Christian friend or family member.

The magazine is 24 pages and slightly smaller than A4 in size (165 mm x 240 mm).

It features a wide range statistics and perceptions drawn from focus groups, surveys and more, e.g.:

  • The least asked question by people outside of the Church was “Is there a God?”
  • 1 in 3 people outside of the Church, after having a conversation with a practicing Christian, wanted to know more about Jesus. This is up from 1 in 5 from 2015.
  • 26% of non-Christians said they thought their Christian friends were friendly, warm and welcoming
  • The main interests of 20-35 year old’s are music, gaming, relationships, travel and food/cooking
  • 56% of people who have heard of Alpha haven’t been invited

It also explores the background to Alpha’s new ‘Stay Curious’ campaign:

‘Our research suggested that people aren’t looking to ask questions or have their questions answered. In fact, our focus groups indicated that the people who would like a debate with them, are the last people on earth they would want to spend time with.

‘Our research also suggested that people want to try new things and that they saw themselves as adventurous and pioneering.

‘Because of this, our Alpha campaign encourages people to stay curious, to keep trying new things, to have adventures, make memories and meet interesting new people. We wanted to position Alpha as an experience you can try, rather than something life changing (which we found put people off).’

Research that’s been conducted in 2022 and shared in this booklet includes:

  • Talking Jesus – 4,000 UK adults including various faith groups and ages to provide a picture of the whole UK population
  • Ipsos brand awareness – 2,254 people aged 16-75 to provide a picture of the whole UK population
  • Ipsos persona survey study – 1,000 non-Christians** aged 20-35
  • MMR concept focus groups – 2 groups of 6 non-Christians** aged 18-35 representing our target audience and the UK
  • Ipsos design survey study – 1,000 non-Christians** aged 20-35
  • Ipsos copy survey study – 750 non-Christians** aged 20-35

(**would not regularly attend church with the majority not identifying as Christian or having a faith)

Product details:

  • Publisher: Alpha International
  • Published: July 2022
  • Weight: 48g
  • Number of Pages: 24
  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • Height: 240 mm
  • Width: 165 mm
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